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In the early days, in 2020, Pharmy AG was founded under the visionary leadership of Melisa Softa. From the very beginning, we pursued an ambitious goal: not only to network pharmacies with first-class pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants, but also to revolutionize the entire collaboration in this industry. Our journey began with a clear view of the future, driven by a strong commitment to innovation and excellence.

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As market leaders in the industry, we are characterized by our in-depth knowledge of the Swiss pharmacy market. This allowed us to not only offer immediate solutions, but also develop long-term, tailored strategies. Our goal was to efficiently combat the shortage of skilled workers and at the same time sustainably strengthen the pharmacy sector.

Over the years we have maintained our commitment to quality and service and are proud to have expanded our services. Today we are not only able to place first-class pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants, but also highly qualified doctors and nursing staff.

This expansion has enabled us to realize our vision of comprehensive healthcare support. We are proud of our achievements and how far we have come since our founding. But our eyes are still on the future, and we look forward to continuing to help strengthen the healthcare industry and meet the needs of our partners. With a strong team and our continued passion for innovation, we are ready to write the next chapters of our story and help even more people in Switzerland.

Only the

Pharmacist and Patient

Our belief that the satisfaction and needs of our customers come first continues to drive us. We view every partner, be it a pharmacy, a hospital or a care facility, as a valued partner. With an ever-growing network, we continue to set new standards and remain committed to our goal of completely satisfying our healthcare partners.

“As regional managers in a group, we have to face increasing challenges in terms of service in our pharmacies in a market with limited resources.

Flexibility and the availability of qualified personnel, sometimes at very short notice, are of utmost importance. This is what I value most about working with Pharmy. The collaboration is excellent and solution-oriented.”

Jean Luc Monney, BENU

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